Chimney Caps

     The chimney cap is placed on top of the chimney to help keep rain from going down the flue and keep animals from coming in. We provide caps for individual flues or caps that cover multiple flues. We have caps that are stainless steel and galvanized. 

Chase Cover

    The chase cover is a piece of metal that goes over top of the chimney. This is used to keep rain out of the chimney, protecting the inside from water damage. We offer a custom-made, stainless steel made locally. The chase cover is bolted to the chimney to keep it secured. 

Energy-Saving Damper

     A great way to save energy is by having a lock top damper. This damper replaces the original damper that sits inside the firebox. The lock top damper acts a cap that is spring loaded. It has a cord that runs down into the firebox that allows you to lock it down or release it open. The damper shuts the flue completely off, not allowing your air conditioning or heat to escape from the chimney. Saving you money!

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